Sex Positions: 10 Animals Caught In The Act


How do animals have sex? Oh, just you wait.

We're always giving you advice on the best sex positions to try out with your partner. But what about other mammals? Reptiles? Insects? Maybe we can't give them advice, but don't you ever wonder what animals do in the bedroom — or grass, leaves, water and air? 

They have shells, wings, tails and plenty of other parts that limit their sex position creativity, but that doesn't stop them from getting it on out in the open. Crazy animals!

Next time you're at the zoo, you may want to look a little closer before you Instagram.

Forget missionary, here's how beetles, ducks, and tortoises are mating these days.

1. Ducky Style
"Oh, we're just going out for a swim." You guys are good.


2. Camouflage Hop
Lucky for them, they blend into their surroundings — think it's safe to say grasshoppers are doing it all the time.


3. Toad Romp
Thought these croaking amphibians would perk up during a hot mating sesh? Nope, not even a little.


4. Polar Express
Ever wonder how penguins stay warm? See below.

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