Redefining Foreplay: Turn Each Other On Outside The Bedroom


Things are about to get hotter than ever between you and your partner.

Your sex drive is all in your head — well, in your brain, that is. Foreplay isn't limited to what happens in the bedroom. Every interaction with your partner is a chance to get in the mood ... or out of it. Everyday stresses and resentments can wreak havoc on your sex life. But you're not going to settle for that, are you? Didn't think so.

I looked at the research and talked to relationship experts to determine five fully clothed ways to engage in what's called the "other" foreplay: ordinary but powerful actions that can increase intimacy between you and your partner.
 Oh, and they all take place well outside the bedroom, which means you can start implementing these right … about … now.


1. Try something new together.

Ever notice that you have more sex on vacation? There's a psychological reason for that, and it's called expansion theory. In a nutshell, expansion theory posits that people are highly motivated to expand their horizons. This is why we often prefer the new and exciting over the old and familiar. Sure, you love your partner, but you've "been there, done that". The personality traits that initially charmed you are old news, if not occasionally annoying. 
You can't make your partner seem completely mysterious, nor would you want to, but one way to revive intimacy is to try something new together that you’re both excited about. A vacation is one idea, but there are many other affordable options, like a new cuisine or a class.

"When two people embark on a journey together, in which neither is the teacher and neither knows more than the other, the experience of learning becomes their joint venture," says YourTango Expert Moushumi Ghose, a relationship coach and sex therapist. On the surface, that new venture may be wine tasting or ballroom dancing, but it's really about creating new bonds, which will definitely impact your sex life.

"Having common interests is great, but developing common interests can be the glue that helps couples stick together," says Ghose. "When relationships fall on hard times, these activities can be a great reminder of the journey a couple has taken together, and how far they've come." Keep reading ...


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