Are you gay and finally ready to come clean to your folks about your sexual preference? If so, help is on the way!
In this video, dating coach and YourTango Expert J. Cameron Gantt explains that first, you want to make sure that you're coming out because you're ready and not because you feel any other external pressures to do so. Make sure the decision to come out is truly all yours. If you are not ready to come out then do not allow an outside force to put that pressure on you. Next, he says, tell some friends or siblings if you haven't already because they will serve as "your first line of support." Coming out to your siblings is perfect because they will look after you no matter what is going on. They look out for you and fight for even if that means fighting against your parents. Coming out to friends is a little more tricky. It is hard to tell which of your friends will truly stand by you through this new period of your life. The friend who will stand by your side is going to help you on this journey.
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