How to Use the Zodiac Wisely in Your Dating Life


How to Use the Zodiac Wisely in Your Dating Life
The zodiac has some truths in relationships but it's important to know when and where to use it.

The zodiac and astrological signs continue to be widely popular with people from all walks of life. There is no shortage of online websites and magazines that contain free information related to the zodiac. A person can easily find out what their outlook will be according to their sign and those that put out this information can "predict" what is in store for an individual not just on a daily basis but the whole year as well.

Among the different categories of life that people tend to turn to the zodiac for more insight on, love is perhaps the most commonly sought out category. Who couldn't use some assistance as to what decisions and directions to take in one's love life? But as useful as the zodiac tends to be in this arena, there are those that take the stars and their meanings a bit too seriously, especially in regards to their own relationships.


While there's nothing wrong with using the influence of the zodiac in one's dating life, it is important to understand when to tap into this resource and when to learn how to trust your own gut.

Use the Zodiac: To Understand Yourself First

Anyone familiar with reading up on their sign will know that there is a list of pros and cons to everybody. Before focusing heavily on which signs you'd be compatible with, dive a bit deeper into reading as much as you can about your own sign and what role it plays in relationships. Pay attention to the listed "cons" and see how true those claims are. Remember, what the zodiac states isn't always applicable to everybody. And don't just focus on how your sign operates when in love, either.

It's helpful to understand all aspects (home, family, career, money, lifestyle, personality) because they all interact with one another to make you the person you are.

Don't Use the Zodiac: As an Ice Breaker

This is really hard for some to do. Keep in mind that not all people buy into the zodiac and many, especially men, look down on the subject heavily. Bringing up the question, "What's your sign?" early into getting to know someone could be a 50/50 shot that could go either way. It could result in an interesting conversation or it could cause the other person to think you've got issues.

Don't allow your fascination with the zodiac to dictate the level of involvement with someone new. The best way to do this while still following your astrological nature is to let things play out as you get to know the person and take mental notes of behaviors, personality traits and other things being displayed. If you're pretty savvy on the characteristics of the signs, you'll probably be able to guess what that person's sign is without asking.

The bottom line: keep initial assumptions to yourself in the beginning and wait for the person to "show and prove" what they're all about. When the timing is right, then find out when their birthday is and take things from there if astrology is that important to you. Of course if the person you've met is wonderful all around and no red flags pop up, chances are you don't need the zodiac to tell you to go with it.

Use the Zodiac: To Reflect On Your Dating Past

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