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Happy National Vodka Day! 4 Sexy Cocktails To Whip Up


white russian
If you like White Russians, you'll really like Blind Russians. Trust us.
Tantalize your man with these sexy vodka drinks.

There's something about alcohol that makes us want to have sex. Don't lie. You know it's true. But why stick to boring old shots or beer when trying to "get it in," so to speak? You're a mature adult, after all. So put on your silk stockings tonight and make your date a vodka cocktail — preferably in a Martini glass, of course. After all, it's National Vodka Day today: quite possibly the most useful holiday to excuse your cocktail (and sex! don't forget sex) indulgences after you've had a long Thursday at work. Grab your cocktail shaker and get dirty. 

PHOTO GALLERY: Happy National Vodka Day! 4 Sexy Cocktails

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