The Inevitable Romney And Obama Condoms Are Here

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It was only a matter of time before a condom company decided to cash in on the 2012 election.

It was only a matter of time before a prophylactics company decided to cash in on the election: Sex sells, after all. 

Say It With A Condom, a New York-based customized condom company, has come out with Romney rubbers which are advertised as being "great for any position," and Obama condoms promising not to "break as easily as his promises." ("Hope" is not a form of protection, right?)

Although the Obama condoms should be offensive to his supporters, they're actually outselling the Mitt-themed love-mitts by six to seven percent. 

Company president Ben Sherman said he's not surprised by the discrepancy in sales among parties, since Republicans aren't as fond of birth control of any kind. "Democrats just seem more receptive to condoms than Republicans," he said.

One thing we don't understand is why anyone would want to allow any possibility of thinking about Mitt Romney while having sex. Shudder.

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