10 Olympic Athletes Who Should Definitely Hook Up


Chloe Sutton and Ryan Lochte
With hundreds of hot athletes in London, we've picked 5 pairs we think should get steamy!

When it comes to the Summer Olympics, we can always expect a lot of medals, tears and an overabundance of good-looking people. These male and female athletes have been training for years for these games – and with those amazingly toned bodies wandering around London, we've noticed that some would look really good paired with others. After all, that's why they coined the days after the Olympics as the "Days of Glory," right?

It was hard to choose, but we've narrowed our wish list down to five male and five female Olympians that we'd love to see hookup this summer!

PHOTO GALLERY: 10 Olympic Athletes Who Should Definitely Hook Up [PHOTOS]

Tell us: who would you like to see get together in the "Days of Glory"?

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