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The "Let’s talk about sex" video series is taking off on YouTube; it has been an exciting adventure. I put together a series of fun educational sex talk video's to help people who may have questions about sex get some straight forwards answers. The videos are made for couples and individuals who want to know more about, orgasm, oral sex, anal sex, nipple play, bdms (spanking), the vulva, and masturbation. Along with the sex talk series, there is the sexual healing addition, with subjects on Too Much Porn, how to overcome past sexual abuse, how to have an orgasm, erection and ejaculation problems.
The numbers are growing every day, but I am eager to hear your comments and be open to answering any of your questions.

List of topics for your viewing pleasure:


Q & A with the Sex Counselor

Sexual Healing: Problems with Erection, Rapid Ejaculation, Orgasm

Sexual Healing: Addicted to Porn?

Sexual Healing : Too Much Porn

Sexual Healing: Problems with female orgasm

Let's Talk about Sex! : How To Have an Orgasm

Let's Talk about Sex! :What You Need To Know Before Using a Sex Toy

Let's Talk about Sex! :Giving Oral Pleasure to a Man

Let's Talk about Sex! :Anal Play

Let's Talk about Sex! :Spanking and BDMS Play

Let's Talk about Sex: Nipple Play

Let's Talk about Sex: Penis Play

Let's Talk About Sex: The Vulva


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Dawn Michael PhD ACS

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