10 Brave & Independent Celeb Women We Love


Emma Stone The Amazing Spider-Man
In honor of the Fourth of July, we're celebrating the ladies who have gone against the grain!

On July 4th, we take the time to honor those who gallantly fought for American independence more than 230 years ago. But today, we've decided to put a spotlight on a few Hollywood women who have paved the way for future generations by pushing boundaries in their industries. Their bravery has inspired us to fight for what we want in both our careers and relationships.

Though they may have struggled to achieve success, these ladies fought through the hardships to come out on the other side looking fabulous! So, while we salute our country's independence, let's also salute these 10 independent women:

PHOTOS: 10 Brave & Independent Celeb Women We Love

Tell us: which celebrity impresses you with her independence and drive?

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