7 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, Single Or Coupled Up


Zombie Apocalypse
There are an awful lot of news stories about zombies right now.

A homeless guy gets most of his face eaten by a crazy, naked cannibal under a bridge in Miami. A Japanese artist removes his own genitals and serves them up on a plate. The Chinese are eating roasted fetuses. The 24-year-old woman who lost body parts to a flesh-eating virus? Terrifying! We thought this stuff only belonged in campy zombie movies and The Simpsons "Treehouse Full Of Horror" Halloween specials.*

No wonder some are hypothesizing that a zombie apocalypse is nigh. Yes, a zombie apocalypse. This is an actual, legitimate story in the news, and we're writing about it — a bit hard to believe, but alrighty then. Naturally, this brought us to the question: What do your zombie-fighting skills say about your relationship? If you were being attacked by a herd of flesh-eating zombies in the middle of the night, would your boyfriend fight them off and save you like a knight in shining armor? Or would he go hide on the roof crying? Would you use your Xena: Warrior Princess skills to save him? Here's what our staff had to say about how they'd survive a zombie apocalypse. Because, you know, that's very likely to happen. 


Beach Time. "Sounds like a great excuse to move my family to the beach, since zombies hate water!" - Genevieve, Senior Editor

Besties. "I want to befriend one." - Carly, Intern

Call For Help. "I'd call Wes Craven. He'd know what to do." - Rachel, Associate Editor, YourTango Experts

Surrender. "I'd get eaten. I run everyday and am in pretty good shape, but I'd freeze up and be zombie food without a doubt!" - Caitlyn, Intern

Superwoman. "I'd make a suit out of armor that has long spikes sticking out of it, so no one could touch me. It would also have a face guard. And then I'd fashion weapons and try to kill them. Hey, this single gal is not going down without a fight! Don't let my love of p ink fool you!" - Faye, Senior Associate Editor Read the rest...

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