When It Comes To Sex, Do Men Secretly Want To Be Bill Clinton?

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A recent Durex condoms survey reveals the crazy locations where men and women want to have sex.

If Fifty Shades of Grey teaches us anything (other than that redundancy-filled fan fiction can get you on a best-seller list, so long as it's erotic), it's that men really love power.

Of course, author E.L. James wasn't writing from a place of scientific fact when dreaming up the character of Christian Grey; it was more like a place of wild, sexual longing. But still, much like the fictional Grey, real-life men crave power, and research proves it.

In a recent survey, Durex condoms found that while 33 percent of women fantasize about a sexual rendezvous underneath the Eiffel Tower, 31 percent of men think about doing it in the White House (Bill Clinton-inspired, perhaps?) Essentially, women want romance and men want power, right? Right.

In what wild locations do you fantasize having sex?

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