What Guys Think Links: Does Porn Make Men Dumb?


Plus, how to keep him from cheating.

Hey all. We're doing a new format this week for the guys link roundup. It's advice for guys and stuff guys say. If you're a dude, you're welcome. If you're a lady, read this stuff and get some learnin'.

A little dirty talk is pretty exciting, but it can go from hot-hot-hot to off-putting even without the use of Marquis de Sade imagery or four-and-five letter words. Modern Man has a pretty solid guide on how to get "mouthy" without being too cheeky.


Frankly, there's nothing more that regular dudes like than regular dudes being celebrated. iVillage is holding a hot dads contest and you should enroll yourself (if you're a hot dad) or a hot dad in your life. I think someone should just take a camera to Manhattan's Upper West Side. Or maybe its slightly scruffier cousin, Park Slope.

Over at eHarmony, they're all about getting people together and keeping them happy. And to that end, they have a few pieces of advice for dudes who think they may cheat and the ladies who love 'em. 

Tomorrow is a big day. For some people, the once-in-a-blue moon confluence of Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs is like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and Independence Day (generally thought to be the sexiest holidays) all rolled into one. Our buds at The FW have some facts about the fake Mexican Independence Day that may wow someone you'll meet over Coronas and guac, amigos.

Women screw up first dates as regularly as dudes do. Em & Lo ask their man panel for their top three faux pas that ladies make on an initial date. Sometimes you gotta throw out all the rules but seriously, don't get tattoos.

Does constant "use" of porn cause guys to be "unresponsive" when presented with the "real" thing? Per GuySpeed, many guys are so inundated with online imagery that a real lady who wants to "put it on him" isn't super-exciting. Jeebus, this is way worse than going blind.

Do you watch Celebrity Apprentice? You know the big guy with the funny voice? Not Adam Carolla. Yeah, the guy with the huge head who used to play the Hulk on television. Huffington Post has some advice on dating and World Of Warcraft from former body builder Lou Ferrigno. I believe "being really strong and don't be a hero out there" will probably sum up Lou Ferrigno's approach to Apprentice, Warcraft and dating.

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