9 Types Of Pets & What They Say About A Man


man and cat
The guy you're dating owns an iguana. Is this a dealbreaker?

What type of pet a man owns says a lot about who he is and how he lives his life. When you meet someone who has a pet, it's just not the same as meeting someone who is pet-free. There's a good chance his pet will affect your dating life — especially if it's a dog or cat, since those tend to become the center of a person's life.

In other words, sometimes you just can't compete with Doug the Dog, whom your new dude has had for years, so surrender that fantasy right now. If you're looking for someone to make their whole world about you, you probably won't find it in a pet-owner — I speak from experience. 

From dogs to rabbits to snakes, here is what your man's choice of pet says about him. Use this as a guide to weed out the weirdos before you do something ridiculous like fall in love.  

PHOTO GALLERY: 9 Types Of Pets & What They Say About A Man

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