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I received this testimonial from a patient who’s just started using the Build a Better Body Method, to date he has only utilized the beginning steps of the program and is already having remarkable results. Kevin is a great guy and I’m very excited to watch his progress over the next several months.

Kevin’s Testimonial:


March 22nd, 2010 was a day that changed my life. I was a 470lb man with high blood pressure and no good hope or drive for anything good in life. Then I walked into the Dr. Office and met Dr. Rob. He looked at me and told me what I knew, I was overweight and was loosing a battle with life in general, but he told me I could do it, and he actually cared. Dr. Rob told me not what I should eat, but how he eats, he didn’t just give me a basic diet, he took his time and gave me foods he eats, and recipies for things he makes. Most importantly Dr. Rob told me that I, this 470lb guy could do this and I could get in shape. I went home that night and realized today is the last day of this life and I am going on a journey that is not going to be easy, but will be worth every drop of sweat. I use to have a house full of junk foods, pizza boxes, and an empty screened in porch, while I sat on the couch and watched movies all day, now I have a house full of vegtables, a screened in porch with a heavy bag, a weight machine, and now most of my movie watching comes in the form of TAE-BO and other weight loss videos. Dr. Rob through our visits and through his writings has not just helped me loose weight, not just helped me get healthier, but he has changed my life and made me realize what is meant for me. I’m not of wealth, I live paycheck to paycheck and below, and thought without money, how can I afford a gym membership, how can I buy the $100.00 videos, how can I afford the supplements, and how could I hire a personal trainer? Well now I know I can do this without money, I can do this on my OWN! And I will show the WORLD how it is done, and how I did it, and I will inspire the world to do the same. And I owe EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS to Dr. Robert Kominiarek.

Kevin Reed

“Its not about the final goal, as much as it is enjoying the journey that brings you there.”
In just 51 days he’s gone from 473lbs to 421lbs, so he’s lost 52lbs. He’s gone from a 56 inch waist to a 48, and a neck size of 24 to 17. These are fantastic results and not unusual to see when a motivated individual applies the lessons from Build a Better Body. I gave Kevin the road map, he followed the trail, and added the one critical element; DESIRE. If you desire these kinds of changes, you can have the same results. We will be tracking Kevin’s Weight loss progress over the next several months, so you can witness his incredible personal transformation. Even better, Kevin made this a family affair and his wife is on board and has lost 30lbs to date and his three children are eating healthier.

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