Can My Marriage Survive A Trial Separation?


Will a trial separation inevitably lead to divorce?

Let's face it. A married couple doesn't consider a trial separation until things have become pretty desperate on the homefront. Still, some time apart may offer the only hope a relationship has to survive. If you are considering taking a break from your spouse, but you're afraid that it will inevitably lead to divorce, take heed. The trick to a trial separation may just be all in the name. 

In this video, author, life coach and YourTango Expert Amy Spencer says that fear associated with taking a trial separation may stem from our implicit associations with the term "trial separation." Thus, her first suggestion is to call it something else. "Call it a love hiatus, a vacation from your relationship, a love sabbatical" — anything that doesn't automatically evoke thoughts of divorce. That way, you aren't setting yourself up for failure.

Want more advice from Amy? Check out the video above.


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