Are Strip Clubs Really A Relationship Threat?


Are Strip Clubs Really A Relationship Threat?
Strip clubs aren't the scary places you imagine.

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Last Spring in the beginning stage of a new relationship, I joined a group of friends (two couples and one single gal) on an adventure to the world renowned Sin City; Las Vegas.  Everyone going had already seen its' glory but me, so I gave fair warning that I would be making the most of our getaway, and the fun would begin on the plane over.  Needless to say, by the time we landed and made it to our hotel before noon, I was already on a deep seeded buzz and well on my way into drunkity drunk drunk.  I lasted that way for days, gone enough to keep myself in a mental party girl state, yet sober enough to remain classy and not do anything that would make me that girl who'd never be invited on a trip again.  One of the funnest times us girls had during our excursion took place at the Thunder From Down Under male stripper review....


Last Saturday, I journeyed to Seattle with a longtime friend with no specific destination in mind and decided to just wing our fun for the evening.  We enjoyed gloriously strong cocktails at a sleek bar/lounge, ate at a high end restaurant, and made ourselves out like tourists by visiting the Space Needle.  By the time the later part of the evening came sneaking up on us, we found ourselves full and tiring out.  We needed something to spark up a little energy.  With a quick stop at Starbucks, we began brainstorming where we should go next.  Like a true and true male, my friend Chris suggested DejaVu, the female strip joint down on 1st not too far from Pike Place Market.  Being single and open minded to new and unaccomplished experiences, I agreed to check out the local nudists and see what all the hype was about....

After having gone to both 'Teams' and seeing how they operate, I've made some specific observations, rules, and suggestions from my time at watching this profession so you can decide for yourself if you believe it is a plausible offense that can break up your relationship, or that they are just another harmless collective of folks making a living like everyone else except, in the buff of course.

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