Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook

Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook

Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook

It's time to unfriend, unfollow and delete your ex from your life.

Recently, Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for what her publicists call "exhaustion" and rumors call "nights of wild drinking," but the rest of us know she's going through a sad breakup and there are pictures of her ex with hot girls all over the internet and frankly, that would make anyone a little loopy. Demi Moore Divorcing Ashton Kutcher "With Great Sadness"

When it comes to bad break ups, we've all been there—curled up on the couch with a bottle of wine, crying while we look through internet pictures of our ex, seemingly happier without us. The internet, for the most part, sucks for the broken-hearted. Facebook, twitter, and blogs provide an all-too-tempting outlet to obsess over pictures of your ex and desperately scan his status updates for any sign that he is missing you. According to a recent YourTango survey, 72 percent of people have or have considered unfriending an ex on Facebook after a breakup and 55 percent reported that it takes them months to get over a break up. During those months, the best way to move on is to unfriend, block, and delete your ex's phone number. Yes, really. 10 Signs You Need To Break-Up With Your Ex (You Read That Right.)

But don't just take our word for it. Vicki Kenney, 21, was with her boyfriend for three years, before he dumped her out of the blue.  She noted that breaking up with her ex online was the first important step to moving on with her life. 

"I went online and unfriend[ed] him and blocked him... I deleted all his pictures from my Facebook and laptop. I couldn't go in my room because I had stuffies (bears, dogs, monkey, [and] toys) and pictures in my room from him. My mom did me a huge favor and went [into] my room took everything that reminded me of him... This was my hardest breakup but with time and help of family and friends I healed and I am now more happy than ever before."

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