5 Signs You're In Love

5 Signs You're In Love

5 Signs You're In Love

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Scientists highlight the mental and physical clues that tell us we're in love.

Your heart beats faster. You can hear your blood pulsing in your veins. Every time he even looks at you, you feel a burst of energy. Could it be? Are you in love?

That our bodies send us signals that tell us "this guy could be a keeper," is no big surprise. But how does this work exactly? Is it something we do subconsciously? Do our brains and bodies really tell us when we're in love? We asked a couple scientists to sound in—here they've given us five physical signs you're in love:

1. You Catch Yourself Staring
"What's that song…'it's in his eyes'?" asks Dr. Lucy Brown, neuroscientist and professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. "I don't think that's the title, but that's what it should be." Dr. Brown, who has studied neural basis of emotion, says the eyes are what matters most. When you're in love, you involuntarily cannot keep your eyes off of the object of your affection. Humans naturally find eye contact rewarding. Not only that, but we're physically compelled to pursue eye contact with our romantic interests.


"One of the involuntary manifestations of being in love is 'mooning around' the person, having your eyes constantly fixed on a person," says Dr. Brown. 10 Signs He's Smitten

2. You Feel High
When you realize you've been hyperactively talking about your new beau, you might think you've had too much caffeine. It's actually a different drug.

"Being in love is like being high on cocaine," according to Dr. Brown. Many of the physical symptoms are the same: increased energy, increased heart rate and blood pressure (especially when you see the person), and the inability to sleep or eat are just a few. Feelings of euphoria also appear with cocaine use, as they do when in love. These symptoms occur because, while the brain produces dopamine on its own, it produces even more when in love. The brain also produces more of the chemical norepinephrine when we're in love, speeding up the heart when we're nervous, as we might be upon seeing our beloved.

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