Intuitive and Ethical Professional


“I had the honor and joy of working with and supervising Lyndsay in a Level I and IOP substance abuse/dual diagnosis program a couple of years ago. In my work experience over the past 30 years in the substance abuse field (and martial arts), I have met only two other individuals with her intuitive, creative, positive and client centered focus and abilities. Lyndsay was always focused on her spiritual center, expressing herself to both clients and staff in pro-active, uplifting communication with tremendous intellectual ability. I swore she had a photographic and photoaudio memory - she would listen to another staff person present a topic, morph it with her own creativity and vocabulary, and present it to clients the next night with great impact. I recommend her MOST highly, as she will be focused on what is for your highest good, leaving herself out of the equation!

She was missed greatly by all of us when she left." --March 14, 2011


Jim Morgan

Vice President

Jett Morgan Treatment Services LLC

“Lyndsay is highly organized, professional and thorough in her work. She will help you make an action plan, keep you accountable to that plan and keep moving you forward! Through the Mars Venus philosophies, she will help you improve your relationships at work and at home, as well as reducing your stress. I highly recommend working with her as a Mars Venus Coach to change your personal and professional life!” --February 14, 2011

Karen Leckie

Owner & Coach

Mars Venus Now

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Lyndsay Katauskas


Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Active Relationships Facilitator



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