7 Mistakes That Kill Relationships


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Steer clear of these seven deadly sins, which can bring even the strongest relationships to a halt.

Maintaining relationships can be difficult business, and it only grows more complicated as the time and emotion you invest into a partner increases. As expected, you won't always get along. There will be plenty of arguments over finances, the clashing personalities of friends and family as well as over little things like how he always leaves the quart of milk in the fridge with not even enough for a bowl of Special K. If your relationship is strong enough, it will breeze right past the small stuff, but sometimes even the strongest relationships will find themselves at a point of no return.

What do you do when a particular situation leaves you sleeping next to the enemy, or even worse, transforms the person you've grown to love and trust into a total stranger? What changes in a relationship to make it not even worth salvaging? We all have a breaking point and while some women can forgive something like infidelity time and time again, there are many others who are willing to call it quits after the first ignored text message. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins of Dating do you think ends a relationship…permanently?


1. Infidelity

Whether it's infidelity of the emotional kind or a full-on sexual involvement, infidelity is one of those things that can easily kill a relationship. People cheat for a variety of reasons that don’t always include being attracted or interested in someone else and sometimes, depending on the circumstances, there are relationships that can withstand the occasional wandering eye (or lower organs). Cheating is at times a response to something that is lacking within the relationship, more than it is about greed, convenience or indecision. But cheating is often more work than it’s worth. If you are unhappy in the relationship you're in, just leave. It's easier said than done most times, but it really is just that simple. Madame Noire: Celebrity Breakups We Saw Coming

Too often, there are women who stay in relationships where they are repeatedly cheated on and try to convince themselves that all is forgiven, but will use the incident as ammo every time a disagreement occurs. If you say you're over it, be over it. If you can't get past it, move on to the next.

2. Abuse

It's obvious that when a relationship includes physical violence or deliberate emotional and mental belittlement, it's time to serve those walking papers. Unfortunately, I've witnessed many situations where partners are oblivious to the fact that they bring out the worst in each other and too many times their interactions escalate until irreparable damage occurs. Anyone who takes your temper to a point where it's unrecognizable is probably not your match made in heaven and until you can control your emotions in a healthy way, a relationship is probably one of the last things that you need. When personalities conflict, sometimes there's no one to blame. And any relationship that is harmful isn't worth the tears spent on it.

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