The Profound Power & Pleasure of Female Orgasm

The Profound Power & Pleasure of Female Orgasm

Orgasm is a holistic experience involving a woman’s mind, body and emotions - what men need to know.

Fueled by pure primal instinct, our sex drive is a compelling physiological desire for copulation. Unlike most female mammals, women can enjoy immense pleasure from sexual activity. Of course a partner is not necessarily needed to achieve sexual satisfaction and orgasm, however it is always more fun to share erotic experiences with someone you care deeply for. Whether you enjoy solo play in stimulating yourself, or you have assistance from an adoring lover, orgasm can be profoundly powerful and extremely gratifying to a woman.

Female orgasm is a completely natural function and an inherent desire – nothing to be ashamed of or even shy about. Women should talk more about it and teach healthy sexuality to naive friends and pubescent girls, so they can freely explore their developing bodies without guilt or embarrassment. Men should also be more educated about female orgasm so they can share and help facilitate this truly incredible experience with their willing partner. As all bodies and personal preferences are unique, it is important for a woman to show her lover what feels good to her, and how best to produce unbelievably pleasurable orgasms.

What most men don’t realize is that female orgasm is a holistic experience involving a woman’s mind, body and emotions. It works best when she feels loved, supported and respected – most of all, completely relaxed. For men, orgasm and ejaculation last only a few seconds. A single climax is usually enough to satisfy them for a time. Conversely, women are able to enjoy multiple orgasms. Quite often, after having one or two, they tend to want more – again and again, as each one can feel more gratifying. When properly stimulated, it can be a wonderful feeling of rolling waves perpetuating in pure ecstasy, as the intensity continues to build with each blissful climax. A woman can generate unlimited orgasms for as long as she can stand it. It has been recorded that one lucky woman experienced 134 orgasms in one hour!

An average man may not last for over an hour of selfless foreplay; however he should dedicate plenty of time to “get his lover off” until she is good and primed for penetration. It certainly benefits them both, as she is much more lubricated and receptive after being endearingly attended to. Also, her vagina is more “tight”, as the entire genital area (inside and out) is completely engorged with blood and feels extremely sensitive. And after experiencing numerous orgasms during foreplay, she is more likely to have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse – one of the most pleasurable sensations for both partners. When she enjoys sex and begs for more, then he feels more fulfilled, secure and masculine – a win-win for both!

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