Comic-Con Is Full Of Kinky Sex, Just Check Craigslist

Comic-Con Is Full Of Kinky Sex, Just Check Craigslist

Comic-Con Is Full Of Kinky Sex, Just Check Craigslist

comic con hookups 2011
Leave it to us sci-fi enthusiasts to dork up the casual encounters listings.

Anyone who knows me remotely well is in on the fact that I'm a closeted nerd. Just kidding, the only thing closeted about my nerdy proclivities is that I don't keep my old comics out in the open, as they are poly-bagged and cardboard-backed to retain value. I'm amped about the Captain America film to such a degree that I almost don't want to see it lest I be disappointed in Marvel's star-spangled marvel. /node/84539

You'd think that Comic-Con would be my Graceland, but alas I've never been. A handful of reasons include hating lines, cheapness and a mild shame at liking my stories full of lasers, muscles, spandex and swords (not necessarily in that order). But the reason many people go to Comic Con is, at its core, the main reason I do not: I am terrified of kinky group sex. The Joy Of (Group) Sex

Podcaster and Fuel TV personality Jordan Morris (follow him on Twitter) has a theory that people go to dress-em-up conventions primarly for the super secret f*ckfests and our good friends at have definitive proof.


The site famed for its top-ten lists has unearthed a friggin' Frodo-full of freaky frottage in the form of their best casual encounters of the 2011 Comic-Con. Here's a taste (Craigslist post in bold with Ranker's commentary in italics):

Costume Sex – M4W – 26 (San Diego)

Just got back home from a late night at Comic-Con after parties, and wanted to see if anyone was up who wanted to get together for some sex while I'm still in costume.

This one is wonderful in its simplicity.

"While I'm still in my costume...". How many women were there rushing to email this guy "No, please, don't take off your costume, just wait for meeee!"

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