Why Wearing Hello Kitty Socks Will Help My Son Meet Girls


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I'm a mom, and I'm in favor of gender neutrality. Here's why.

Gender is a funny concept. In our society, we are typically taught as we're growing up that boys act one way and girls another. Boys like trucks and wear blue and all little girls want to be mommies one day (and wear Pink). A lot of us don't bother to question it; we just go along with what we're told. But what about the people who decide to raise their children with no preconceived gender whatsoever? Maybe we don't all want to go along with the boys are tough and girls are dainty ideas, but how do we react when someone abandons all gender roles altogether?

There's a Canadian family in the news (as reported by Babble.com) who has decided not to clue people in on their baby's sex because they don't want those accompanying gender rules to take root. They want their child to decide on the child's own how to behave. There is also a public school in Sweden that has banned the use of gender-specific pronouns in order to facilitate more neutrality and equality among their students. And I have to tell you, I think that’s kind of awesome; these ideas of challenging gender or eliminating it completely. My Husband Cooks And I Watch Sports: Our Untraditional Marriage

This Babble writer disagrees. The author feels that equality doesn't require neutrality, which is a perfectly understandable point of view. I can see that not telling anyone if your baby is a girl or a boy, or not letting school kids say "he" or "she" in the classroom, is a fairly drastic (not to mention impractical) step to take. It's an extreme departure from our collective experience. But I also think we could use an extreme departure to reset the balance.