"Mommy, What's a Soul Mate?"


"Mommy, What's a Soul Mate?"
Ever gotten one of those questions that stop you in your tracks? Out of the mouth of babes....

“Mommy, What’s A Soul Mate?”

The child with the big blue eyes and tousled blonde curls looked up to her mom curiously.


“Why do you ask?” She said

“I heard you talking to grandma last night and you sounded so sad when you told her you didn’t think you would ever find a soul mate again.”

“Oh”, she said, suddenly aware of how careless she was sometimes when she was talking to her mom. When did her daughter get so smart, she was only 4.

“Well,” she stalled, wondering how to explain, “a soul mate is someone who loves you no matter what.”

“I love you no matter what, mommy”

“I know you do, sweetie, but a soul mate love is different.” Fumbling for words, she went on, “a soul mate treats you like you are the most special person in the world.”

“You mean like the time that you stayed up with me when I had a fever?” the little girl asked looking at her with wide eyed innocence.

“Well, no, not really” she said helplessly with a sheepish smile, “A soul mate is someone who takes you out to fancy places to eat.”

‘You mean like Chuckie Cheese?”

“Sheesh, this is hard!” She thought to herself.

“A soul mate is someone who buys you beautiful presents and takes you dancing.”

The little girl was quiet.

“At last,” her mom thought hoping the third degree was finished.

“I would buy you beautiful things, momma.” She said with a serious look on her face, “if I had some money.”

Taking a deep breath, she tried once more. “A soul mate is someone who you comes in to your life who is special, someone who wants to be with you all the time and who is nice to you even if they are tired.”


Wincing she said, “Yes, honey.”

“I know what a soul mate is!” she said breathlessly.

“Tell me.” she said.

“A soul mate is a MOMMY!”

Laughing she reached down and picking up the child she twirled and danced with her through the kitchen and out into the living room. “Wanna go to Chuckie Cheese?” she asked holding her little soul mate close to her heart.

How would YOU answer that question today? What is a soul mate and why do we make such a big deal about it? Could it be that we spend so much time fantasizing about this mysterious and magical persona that we miss all the beautiful people crossing our paths every day?

I challenge you to answer that question for yourself. To make it even more interesting, write five attributes of a soul mate with your non-dominant hand. Go ahead, I dare you. Pay attention to the feelings that come up as you scrawl your answers in your unpracticed handwriting.

Maybe when you are done, you will realize that what you are wanting so desperately from life….the love and regard of another soul, is actually right in front of you every day, if you just keep watching for it.

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