Study: Women Find Brooding Men Most Attractive


serious man
A new study suggests that women are more attracted to brooding men than smiling ones.

Having a bad day? Turn that frown upside down... unless you're a man in search of a girlfriend. According to new research from the University of British Columbia, women are more sexually attracted to brooding men than to smiling ones. 

No surprises there, considering the popularity of famously moody fictional characters like Edward Rochester, Mr. Darcy, and Edward Cullen. That's one more point for bad boys in the ongoing nice guy-bad boy battle. Conversely, male subjects found cheerful-looking women more sexually attractive than women who display confidence and pride, thus reaffirming the allure of bubbly bimbos. The Top 10 Traits That Attract A Man To A Woman


All stereotypes aside, this study is supposedly the first to report a gender difference in perceived attractiveness of smiling, pridefulness, and shame. To test their ideas, researchers showed a thousand adults an array of photographs of the opposite sex. Images depicted men and women grinning broadly, raising their heads, and lowering their eyes, which are universal expressions of happiness, pride, and shame, respectively. 

While these findings might be slightly upsetting to people who don't embody the aforementioned stereotypes, the study's authors point out that their research is more concerned with first impressions than with what makes someone a better life partner. The subjects' reactions were completely visceral and had nothing to do with traits that can affect someone's vibe, like intelligence or a sense of humor. Despite what their study showed, the authors continue emphasizing how exisiting research names optimism and a nice personality as highly sought-after traits in relationship partners. Did You Know?: The Truth About Sexual Chemistry

If anything, this research says more about the prevalence of culturally reinforced gender roles than about what we actually value in another person. Yes, the strong and silent type can make a guy instantly hotter, but it won't sustain a woman's attention if it's not accompanied by something more substantial, like kindness.

Do you agree with the results of this study?