Does Casual Sex Stunt Our Emotional Growth?

Does Casual Sex Stunt Our Emotional Growth?

Does Casual Sex Stunt Our Emotional Growth?

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One Christian wonders if casual sex makes us emotional prudes.

When it comes to sex, modern American society may be quick to joke about it, flaunt it, and prioritize it, but the one thing we don’t often do is stop to really consider why it exists in the first place. Think about it: What is the point of sex?

It's easy to jump to the obvious conclusion of procreation and call it a day, but doesn't that explanation seem a bit lacking in the face of all the emotions and intimacy involved? In this day and age, with birth control, condoms, and surgeries, we've found ways around the logical reason for having sex, and are now able to have sex just for the sake of it. But, what does that mean? 10 Misconceptions About Sex From A Virgin's Point Of View

Do we have it for physical pleasure? Is it about bonding and intimacy? Is it about scratching an itch? How about all of the above? I ask because I think it's a crucial question. The way you choose to answer that question will shape the way you perceive sex and the decisions you make regarding it.

My friend Seth thinks that sex is sacred. He is a high school teacher, and he tells his students exactly that. He tells them that sex is sacred when he sees them walking into his classroom with white headphones dangling from their ears, singing along to graphic hip-hop songs by the likes of Usher and Kanye West.

"Do you realize that you're singing about something special and sacred, and that you're actually cheapening it by doing that?" he asks them.

His question is most often greeted with blank and confused stares. They likely don't think that far into their music selections, or think of sex as a sacred act. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Seth was the first person to introduce that concept to them. /node/63350

In this day and age, we don't think that sex is sacred. We don't think that our bodies are sacred. Instead, we think that showing lots of skin and acting promiscuous is liberating, and that anything less is prudish.

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