Ever wondered what keeps you in love with someone, how to rescue a failing relationship or who's most likely to reject you based on your fashion choices? Well, now you won't have to becayse YourTango has the answers! MSN lifestyle website Glo.com, YourTango and Chemistry.com surveyed over 20,000 people on love related topics. They then teamed up with leading biological anthropologist and relationship expert Dr. Helen Fisher to analyze the results, a few of which just might surprise you.

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Do you think you can reignite passion? What do you immediately find attractive?

Is it possible to reignite attraction?
YourTango.com, chemistry.com, glo.com surveyed more than 22,000 people and discovered the truth about the power of attraction.

Men are from...
Women are from...
The same planet.  Both think kindness, sense of humor, smile, and sexual chemistry are most important when meeting someone for the first time. 
93% of people think poor hygiene...
A)Means you are lazy.
B)Kill attraction.
Is OK if you’re good-looking.
(circled B)

46% of people say they’ve been cheated on
22% say they don’t know
(perhaps 22% should hire a detective)
20% of people think sexual attraction isn’t necessary to fall in love.

Good Morning!
34% of people have had a one-night stand turn into
-a pumpkin at midnight
a good life lesson.
(ding) a real relationship

Set your DVR to “sexy”
37% of men think watching TV together is a good way to turn up the passion.
64% of both men and women say that as they get older, communication becomes increasingly attractive.
Grampa just poked Granny.
As they get older, women say that a lack of ambition in men becomes more of a turn-off.
“Put down the Playstation, Grampa!”
One in seven women believes sexual attraction can sustain a relationship for a lifetime. 
The other six haven’t tried Zestra.

Wealth, Desire to Have Children, Religion were consistently listed as low in important for initial attraction.
5% of men believe that having a baby will reignite physical attraction in a relationship.
“In no way could this backfire.”

Before you shave your head...men listed hair and body type as important traits for initial attraction.
Women list
-sense of humor
as most important for initial attraction.
I guess washboard abs are out?

I’m not saying she’s gold digger but...
Women are twice as likely as men to say lack of money kills attraction.

People over 40 are more turned off by bad personal style than the younger set.
Looks like this lady won’t be dating anyone over 40.

44% of people have had...
An affair.
An erotic cake.
An office romance.
(circled C)

From the pages of That Sounds About Right! Magazine...
64% of people think that men care more about sexual attraction than women.
However, both men and women agree that sexual attraction is necessary to maintain a relationship.
86% men
88% women
What do people list as the most important factor for long-term attraction?
A) Sexual Competence
Communication Skills
(circle B)

Check out more surprising results.
90% of people believe that attraction can be rekindled.  If that doesn’t brighten your day, you need a hug.
Better Sex, Effortlessly. Zestra.

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