Poll: Would You Skip A Prenup Like The Royal Couple Did?


Would You Skip A Prenup Like The Royal Couple Did?
Kate and William have passed on a prenuptial agreement. Would you follow their lead?

Prince William and Kate Middleton did not have a prenup, according to "senior royal sources." The Frisky: Prince William And Kate Middleton's Engagement Photo Gets Creepy

William earns roughly $60,000 a year as a helicopter pilot in the British military, according to the Daily Mail, but he was left about $10 million by his mother, Lady Diana, when she died 14 years ago. And, of course, there's all those palaces, jewels, and cars he owns! Kate would probably be OK if she and the prince ever split up: she's often called a "commoner," but in reality her parents are self-made millionaires. I'm a little surprised Kate and William didn't do a prenup, though lots of celebs have eschewed prenups lately. The Frisky: The Number Of Notches On Female Celebrities' Headboards

My personal wealth doesn't amount to a hill of beans but even I think I'd want to protect myself if I got a divorce. If fighting over copper pots and Louboutins is any indication, dividing up the assets sucks. The Frisky: Where Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Honeymoon?

Written by Jessica Wakeman for The Frisky

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Would You Skip A Prenup Like The Royal Couple Did?:

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