5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage After Having A Baby


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How to prevent diaper duty from ruining your marriage.

About a month ago, we reported on a study that showed young, childless couples are happier than older one with kids. Not surprisingly, sleepless nights, diaper duty and the drain on finances takes a toll on young couples whose greatest stressor, up until that point, was often what movie to rent on a Saturday night. In fact, the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle reports that two-thirds of couples experience a decline in their relationship after the birth of their first child. Women start feeling dissatisfied right away, while men experience these feelings gradually. 

As if that's not bad enough, MSNBC recently reported on new research that shows infants as young as 9 months old can sense parents' unhappy marriages and develop sleep problems as a result. In other words, an unhappy marriage can beget a restless baby which no doubts add more stress to the already stressed parents. Talk about a vicious cycle.


The good news is that while most new parents feel overwhelmed by the work it takes to raise a child, you can take preemptive measures to stave off the fights and strengthen your marriage. Here's what counselors and new parents recently suggested to the Wall Street Journal:

1. Assign tasks. Dividing and conquering will buffer misunderstandings about the balance of work in your household. Before having your baby, make a list of every possible duty—from paying the bills, to waking up at odd hours, to doing the laundry—and split the tasks with your spouse. Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

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