20 Shocking Breakup Statistics


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The results of YourTango's 2011 breakup survey still shock us.

If you've ever been surprised by an ex-boyfriend's engagement announcement on Facebook, curiously Googled your ex-husband and gotten sucked into an evening of internet-stalking, or unexpectedly been confronted with Flickr photos of you and your ex-girlfriend in happier days, you know that the internet and social media make it hard to completely move on from an ex.

We knew that, too, which is why we've designated February 13 as National Break Up With Your Ex Day. We're encouraging people to unfriend their ex on Facebook before Valentine's Day—check out www.BreakUpWithYourEx.com for tools, quizzes and more.


What we didn't know was just how pervasive ex-attachment was—so we conducted a poll to find out. Between December 22, 2010 and January 5, 2011 over 1,000 of you took our survey, and the results astounded us. People are much more attached to their exes than we though, and ex-obsession affects people in every LoveStage, not just singles and those who have recently broken up.

Below are some of the results from the survey. If any of this sounds familiar, visit www.BreakUpWithYourEx.com and learn how to digitally detach from your ex.

Most people are still hung up on their ex.

- 71% of people say they think about their ex too much; narrowed to singles the figure goes up to 81%.

- More than half (57%) of singletons say thinking about their ex prevents them from finding new love.

But it's not just singles—married folks are ex-obsessed as well.

- Almost two-thirds of married people (60%) agree that their ex is on their mind too often, and 36% say their attachment to their ex interferes with their marriage.

Both women and men remain attached to their exes.

- 74% of women and 64% of men think about their ex too much
- 76% of women and 70% of men have looked up an ex on the internet
- 50% of women and 40% of men say they look at their ex's Facebook or other online profile too often

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