Why I Won't Date A Non-Christian


Couple on bed divided by cross
Interfaith relationships work for some, but here's why one Christian woman won't go there.

As a single, Christian woman living in New York City, dating can come with its fair share of challenges, but finding quality men isn't one of them. On the contrary, I have met several guys who are funny, smart, successful and attractive. Sometimes I really, really want to go out with them, but the problem is this: they don't share my faith. It's a bit of a dilemma. 4 Dating Deakbreakers

A few nights ago, I was working my side job as a server in Manhattan when I found myself developing a crush on one of the men sitting in my section. He looked like he was around my age—late 20s to early 30s—with brown hair, blue eyes, and an irresistible Australian accent. He was out to dinner that night with a friend who was in town on business, and who seemed to be playing the part of his enthusiastic wingman. Throughout the course of the meal, his friend would ask me random questions about the menu and make loud jokes about how I had "emasculated him" by suggesting he try one of our cocktails that was served in a martini glass. These comments were then followed by a series of overt references to his wife.


OK, buddy. I got the picture.

In the midst of my interactions with the two of them, I slowly began to notice that Mr. Australian Accent was smiling at me the whole time, and giving me looks that said, "Please ignore my friend." Slowly, he and I started chatting in between courses, as I refilled their water glasses, or brought them steak knives. By the time the dessert rolled around, I could sense some definite chemistry between us.

That was when it happened: the subject of my faith came up. I told him that I was a Christian, and he told me that he had previously met other Christian girls who refused to go out with him simply because he didn't share their faith.

"So, what about you?" he asked, point blank. "Would you ever go out with a guy who wasn't a Christian?"

Ugh. I paused for a moment and searched for a diplomatic answer to that question.

"Well, I certainly have in the past," I said, "but there always seems to come a point where our differences get in the way. For example, when I want him to go to church with me and pray with me, and he's not all that into it."

He nodded his head and gestured playfully between the two of us. "So, this probably wouldn't work out then, would it?"

I smiled, and looked to the floor. "I guess it wouldn't."

"Well, we gave it a shot, right?" He asked, looking directly at me, as though it were a test or a challenge.

Before I could answer, his friend who had been sitting quietly across the table felt the sudden urge to chime in. "What do you mean you gave it a shot?" He asked. "It's only been ten minutes!"

We all laughed, and I decided it would be best to change the subject. I thanked them for coming in, gave them their check, and hurried off to do my sidework.

As I was closing down the restaurant that night, I couldn't help but feel frustrated at how it always seemed to come back to this. Am I crazy for passing this guy up? Sometimes it's hard not to wonder.

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