Exclusive! Charlize Theron On Exes, Old Loves & Girl Crushes


Exclusive! Charlize Theron On Exes, Old Loves & Girl Crushes
The Golden Globe nominee and star of "Young Adult" covers her loves from high school to present day.

Charlize Theron is talking about love. The question actually revolves around exes —should you ever look up an ex, or will that lead to a big old ex-mess?

Over tea at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City, 36-year-old Theron laughs and shakes her head. She's miles of long legs in person, which are wrapped in black tights. She wears a tight black skirt and a gorgeous white cashmere sweater. Her hair is glossy blonde and just graces her chin.


An edgy Grace Kelly comes to mind. But this princess is prince-less these days.

"I don't know if it's a good or bad thing to call up an old love. I've never done it. I certainly wouldn't do it if they were married with a newborn baby," Charlize says.

That's what her character, Mavis Gary, an author of young adult novels, does in the new movie, Young Adult. Theron plays a semi-famous author who is divorced and living alone in the big city. She decides to hightail it back to her hometown in Minnesota and reclaim her high school boyfriend. The rub is that he's happily married with a new baby. 'Young Adult:' Do You Ever Still Think About Your First Love?

It's a role that Theron loves and one that just earned her a Golden Globe nomination this morning (surely, an Oscar nod will follow). Who will she bring to the award shows? Theron is single these days after breaking off an engagement with former boyfriend, Stuart Townsend. However, she seems more than happy to discuss her views on love and old flames with us:

Let's talk love. Do you remember your first crush? Did he crush back on you?
In high school, I wasn't popular. I was obsessed with ballet and wore nerdy glasses. I was as blind as blind could be. Meanwhile, I had a massive crush on this guy. In fact, a journalist from Vogue recently interviewed me and found this guy. He told the reporter, "Yeah, the crush was mutual."

Was it mutual?
It was so not mutual! He even said, "What I remember is she wore these thick glasses!"

You try to steal someone's hubby in Young Adult. What are your views on this situation where you're clearly "The Bad Girl"?
We come from a society where everyone is still comfortable to label women as either the Madonna or the whore. We're either really good hookers or we're really good mothers. But we're nothing in-between. I'm not a fan of labels. I think it's very easy to look at someone and just throw a label on them. They're a bitch or they're crazy. I think that's a cop out. Charlize Theron: Single For The First Time Since Age 19!