30 Relationship Habits You Desperately Need To Lose By Age 30

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15 more dating habits to break by the time you hit the big 3-0. See Part 1 here.

Courtesy of The Frisky's 30 Things Every Woman Should Quit Doing By 30:

14. Making out with your BFFs at bars for attention. 

13. Making out with your boyfriend at bars for attention.

12. Carrying a torch for anyone you haven't seen in the last five years.

11. Declaring an entire gender "all jerks."

10. Skipping regular gyno exams. 

9. Crushing on Justin Bieber.

8. Expecting a man/knight in shining armor to swoop in and save her.

7. Using MySpace to pick up guys. 

6. Expecting a man to do all the wooing.

And a few, courtesy of Twitter:

5. @GiaKaleena #ThingsYouShouldStopDoingInYour30s you shouldn't date anyone under 25.

4. @gfernandez1989 #ThingsYouShouldStopDoingInYour30s Going to nightclubs every weekend and getting drunk. Have some morals and responsibilities.

3. @MacTalian #ThingsYouShouldStopDoingInYour30s sayin "I'll settle down when I get older"

2. @nicoletteee_x #thingsyoushouldstopdoinginyour30s dating teenage boys

1. @GagaxJudas #thingsyoushouldstopdoinginyour30s Clubbing at 18+ clubs.


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