Taylor Lautner: I'll Never Get Tired Of The Screaming Girls


Taylor Lautner: I'll Never Get Tired Of The Screaming Girls
The 'Breaking Dawn' star is breaking hearts... 800 girls at a time.

Want to win Taylor Lautner's heart? Start by striking out with him.

To the 19-year-old star of Twilight and Abduction, "A great Friday night is going to a bowling alley with friends. I just want to do normal things like hang out, go bowling or order a pizza," he says.


"It's the last place anyone thinks they will find me," Taylor admits, probably alluding to the hundreds of female fans who've become entranced by his good looks and killer abs ever since the first Twilight movie captured the world's attention in 2008. Although the end of his werewolf days are beginning with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I in theaters November 18, we have a feeling the Team Jacob obsession will stay strong for years to come.

We caught up with Taylor to find out how he handles all the attention, what he does to get that rockin' bod, and what it's like to say goodbye to his famous character:

So Taylor, do you ever get tired of the screams and the fainting girls?
To be honest, no. I'm sure that there might be moments where it's difficult, like if I'm tired or something or I'm just waking up. But it's not really an issue. If that's their way of showing passion, then I will take it. Why Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Broke Up

How did you deal with the female fans on the set of your last movie, Abduction? They basically camped out to see you!
There were a lot of fans on the set. We filmed in a town of 600 people and one night, we had 800 girls on the set! So, there were definitely a few people driving in from different cities. It was pretty impressive and there were great fans… I'd show up to work at 8 PM and work until 5 AM. Then I would pretty much take pictures with all the fans. It took about an hour and we tried to do it fast. But, it was still very important to me. I've also woken up to 300 people on my front lawn. But they're always friendly. 

Fans can't wait for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Your character Jacob must deal with the fact that his beloved Bella (Kristen Stewart) is marrying her vampire boyfriend (Robert Pattinson) and will soon be the mother of his vampire baby. How is Jacob's mood?
He's a little frustrated with the marriage. He's not exactly buying crystal for the couple. The greatest thing about Jacob is that he's extremely persistent—he won't give up. He has a goal when he finds out about the marriage. You could also say he's not supportive of it. He starts out the movie with the same childish, immature manner. He throws a few fits. But, by the end of this movie, Jacob becomes a man. 

Was it hard to say goodbye to the Twilight world after you wrapped the last two films?
It's already over in a way. We're done filming both movies, and that leaves me with a weird feeling. We still have a good year of publicity. It will be difficult when it's all over for good, all said and done. I'm already missing being on that set being Jacob. Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?

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