Julianne Hough On Ryan Seacrest: "He Understands My World"


Julianne Hough
The "Footloose" star on her famous beau, remaking a classic... and being slapped by Dennis Quaid?

Let's hear it for the boy…and his girl.

Julianne Hough (pronounced Huff) might star in the remake of Footloose, but she is not footloose or fancy free. In fact, she has a significant other named Ryan Seacrest — you may have heard of him. 


Ask her what it's like to have two Hollywood entities in one relationship and she insists that it works perfectly well. "It helps to be with someone in the business, but we're not just about the business," says the former Dancing with the Stars cast member. "For me and my personality, I do well when my significant other has the same drive and ambition. I love that he understands my world," she says.

We caught up with Julianne to find out more about her "world," including her relationship with Ryan, dancing her butt off for that hot body and what it feels like to remake such a classic 80s dance movie. Cut Loose! 6 Lessons We Can Learn From 80s Dance Remakes

So, do you think it helps that you and Ryan share similar interests?
Ryan and I are both in the entertainment world, which is great because we get the commitment and hours and responsibility. We really understand each other. It's never one person going, "I have to work these long hours," and the other saying, "Really?"

How do you know if you've picked the right partner in love?
You need to listen to your instincts. I just go with my gut, which serves me well.

I read something about Ryan that all women will find stunningly romantic. Is it true that he took you to Paris and bought you some very special shoes as a gift?
I was in Paris with Ryan, his mom and his sister. He took us to the Christian Louboutin shoe store. It was Ryan's first shoe store with all of us and he was amazing! He did get all of us those shoes. It was wonderful. He's always doing amazing things. Ryan Seacrest Is "Really Romantic," Says Julianne Hough

Now, let's get to your big film opening. What was it like to film the iconic prom scene in Footloose?
The feeling was overwhelming. I got tears in my eyes and I looked at my co-star Kenny Wormald and he was teary-eyed, too. The magnitude of what we were about to film hit me hard. We were about to go "Footloose."

Did you see the original film?
I did, but I was born four years after the original film came out. I watched it numerous times because it was filmed in Utah where I grew up. It was our local cult classic. You had to love this film if you were from Utah. Later on, we walked around school humming, "Let's Hear It For the Boy."

Do you think audiences are ready for a new Footloose?
People want to hate this film a little bit, which I completely understand. Luckily, I have been surprised at the early screenings. I've found the audience goes in with some skepticism. It's a classic film. People have their doubts. But they leave humming the songs and during the film, they are tapping their feet. What Do You Think Of The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake?

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