All My Children's Cameron Mathison On His "Ultimate Proposal"


Cameron Mathison
The actor on his new web series for Yahoo! and how he popped the question to his wife.

Countless videos on YouTube can prove: when it comes to marriage proposals these days, bigger is better. If you're a fan of watching spontaneous flash mobs break out into dance all in the name of love (like me), then you're going to love Yahoo!'s new original show, Ultimate Proposal. The online reality series is helping ordinary men plan and execute the most extraordinary marriage proposals with the help of an expert team. Better still, it's hosted by hunky All My Children and Dancing With the Stars alum, Cameron Mathison.

Cameron, 42, is the perfect man for the job. He happens to love well-crafted and meaningful proposals, something he showcased when popping the question to his wife, Vanessa Arevalo. Clearly, Cameron knows how to get a woman to say yes! The soap star and his model wife were married in 2002 and have two children, Lucas and Leila. 


We caught up with Cameron to learn more about Ultimate Proposal, the best love advice he's ever received and what's next for him and All My Children's upcoming online series:

I watched the first episode of Ultimate Proposal, and I have to say, it made me tear up. Are all the proposals going to be that big?
I think they're all going to have that effect, but I don't know if they're all going to be that elaborate. It's a feel good show and I love being associated with something that emphasizes making a connection and a commitment. We want to make these proposals really special and a little bit bigger than they normally would be, but we don't lose the intimacy of these two people wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. We don't lose that honesty and connection. I love it!

Do you think that's why watching proposals is so emotional?
Yes, because it's so real. The girl who's getting proposed to has no idea. Her reaction is so genuine, it's not even the slightest bit fabricated, because she has no idea it's coming. I think anybody who has ever dreamed of getting married, has talked about it or has gotten married can relate to it. We all have our fantasy, our story, our history with that, so it speaks to everyone. Anna Faris On Her "Number," Awkward First Dates & Stalking Exes

What kinds of proposals will we be seeing on the show?
It's not going to be forced. There's no point in jumping out of a plane for his proposal if it doesn't make sense for her. We don't want to make it all about what the guy wants to do if it's not going to connect to her heart. What I love about the show is that we do let the guy create the proposal, but it's a process of getting to know him, as well as her through her friends or whatever insight we have. We let their story, personalities and interests drive the show. If jumping out of a plane seems romantic, it will be for a reason that's close to her heart.

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