Anna Faris On Her "Number," Awkward First Dates & Stalking Exes


Anna Faris
The hilarious star of 'What's Your Number?' covers all the juicy goodness with us!

Anna Faris has some pretty solid romantic advice: "Be in the moment, love your partner and whatever you do, don't ask 'The Question,'" she says, with her trademark raspy laugh.

"The Question" at hand is, of course, "What's your number?" 'What's Your Number' Movie Contest: Dish Your Number, Win A Prize


The adorable Anna, 34, who you may recognize from The House Bunny and Scary Movie, invades theaters this Friday in her first rom-com, which goes by that very title. She plays a young woman named Ally Darling who figures her number of sexual partners (twenty) is way too high. In a vow to not hook up again until she finds true love, Ally sets out to re-visit her exes to see what went wrong, and if one of them is, in fact, "the one."

In real life, Parks and Recreation star, Chris Pratt, is the one for Anna. The couple has been married since July 2009—after meeting on the set of Take Me Home Tonight—and are the proud parents of two precious pugs. But even they aren't immune to the dilemma of numbers. A-List Links: Anna Faris Gets Married

"Once, I asked my husband what his number was and he looked at me dumbfounded and said, 'Are we really going there? I gotta go watch a game on TV!'" Anna recalls.

We caught up with the actress to cover even more juicy goodness besides numbers, including hooking up, dating, exes, marriage and more:

Let's start with "The Question." Should women ever ask their guys about their number or should we just delete that inquiry forever from our list?
Personally, I think it's a really inappropriate question to ever ask your partner. But it's a question that's inevitable in most relationships. My husband didn't tell me. When I asked him, he looked at me like, "Baby, really? In this day and age, you're really going down that road?" 

Why does that number mean such different things depending on if you're male or female?
It's a funny thing. As a society, we associate so much with that number. It's really tough for women. Let's say you've only been with your guy. That says something about you. If the girl has slept with 50 people, it says something else. That number puts you in a box, when we shouldn't allow it to define us. Then again, I don't know if the Jersey Shore people are examining their numbers. What's Your "Number?" How Many Is Too Many?

OK, sorry, in advance… what's your number?
(Laughing) Even before this movie came out, I knew my answer. I'm happy to look you in the eye and say five… hundred thousand. See? It's better to make a joke out of the whole thing, ladies.

Are you excited to do your first romantic comedy?
I'm terrified and excited. But I'm really proud to enter this genre because it's one of my favorites and I want to do these kinds of movies. I love these kinds of movies.

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