Love Trends In 2011: Our Top 10 Predictions


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Our top 10 predictions for love, dating, sex and relationship trends in 2011.

Let's face it: The world is still a scary, unstable and uncertain place. What's here today may very well be gone tomorrow, whether it be our 401ks, our jobs or our relationships. Last Thanksgiving, the world stood rapt in wonder at the trials and tribulations of Tiger Woods. As 2010 unfolded, our interest turned to disgust as we collectively pronounced This Man IS NOT a role model. We later watched with surprise as celebrity couple after celebrity couple, once seemingly happy, suddenly split. Doesn't anybody stay together anymore? David and Courteney—Not you guys, too?

So what will 2011 bring? YourTango went to the experts for their predictions, and has come back to you with the following list. May it serve you well.


1. Monogamy will be hot. In 2011, lifestyle designer and relationship expert Lissa Coffey predicts that marriage—or at least monogamy—will become fashionable again. One only has to look to Jessica Simpson's New Year's wedding, or Katy Perry's lux Indian bridal fete, to see that commitment is the new black. So will it be for us mere mortals.

Coffey adds, "We will see a return to relationship-based values rather than material-based values. Time and money spent on community, and charity, rather than on luxury items or designer purses. Couples taking vacations where they can be of service at the same time, less self-indulgent behavior... As we see more same-sex couples celebrating their commitments and raising children, this will no longer be a controversial issue and by the 2012 elections we will see more states adopting the right to marry for everyone." Here's hoping that's the truth!

2. People in a relationship will accept the status quo. That said, even though celebrities may be rushing to the altar (or to divorce court), the rest of us will happily stay where we are in our relationships, provided they're good ones.

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