Sex Toy Review: Jimmyjane's Form 3. Plus Giveaway!


jimmy jane form 3
A review of Jimmyjane's newest sex toy, the Form 3.

The best thing about the Jimmyjane Form 3 vibrator is its precision. I don't know about you, but (graphic language alert!) there are certain places on my clitoris that feel waaaay more responsive than others. But that particular part of my anatomy is so small that those teeth-clenchingly sensitive spots are pretty hard to zero in on with a vibrator. Enter the Jimmyjane Form 3.

The Form 3 is the newest vibrator in Jimmyjane's Form line, which includes the award-winning Form 2 and the old-school Form 6. Before we go any further, full disclosure: I am engaged in a long-term lust-affair with the Form 6. It's an incredible vibrator, and has endeared Jimmyjane to me forever. I had high hopes for the Form 3, and it didn't disappoint.


The form three looks like a large, disembodied tongue. The base, which holds the battery and produces the vibration, sits in your palm, while your fingers lie across the lip of the vibrator, above a smooth, uber-thin "silicone Touchpad." The material on the touchpad is so thin that it's translucent, and when you press your finger against it while the vibe is on, it's almost like your finger itself is vibrating.

This vibrating finger is supposed to be the genius of the toy. According to the Form 3 marketing copy, you "press in the center, and the soft, silicone Touchpad extends, so that you can focus vibration exactly where it counts." My experience didn't bear this out.

I love the idea of giving your finger superpowers, but I found that even on the thinnest part of the touchpad, I didn't have enough control over where I was touching. It's much easier to give myself pleasure using my naked fingertip. That said, when I turned the vibe perpendicular to by body and used the edge of the lip, I was able to skim the tiniest edge of vibrating silicone against my body—and that was incredible. I've never used or seen a vibe that gives you that much precision and power in one package.

The other thing the Form 3 was great for was partnered sex. It fit really well in my palm and made it easy for me to reach down and rub myself while my man was doing other things. It can be hard to use a bulky toy during sex, but the Form 3 was so low-profile that it felt the same as having my empty hand down there.

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