Poll: Does Christine O'Donnell's One-Night Stand Matter?


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Conservative candidate Christine O'Donnell is outed for having a one-night stand. Is it relevant?

By now you may have already heard about Deleware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's one-night stand. The original post is on Gawker (complete with photos), and here's a summary from our friends at Lemondrop:

O'Donnell, whose rather ... rigid view on sexuality includes points like the evilness of masturbation and that looking at porn is the same as cheating, apparently set her sights on some dude, got a little tipsy a few months later and went to his apartment on Halloween, asking if she could change in his place, dragging him to a bar, making out with him in public, and then inviting herself back to his place. Once there, she told him she was a virgin (neglecting to mention the "born-again" part), and the two didn't actually do it. It seems, from the author's hints at least, that there may or may not have been some petting or necking or something.

NOW, the National Organization of Women, has come out in defense of O'Donnell, calling the post "public sexual harassment," and has called for a stop to "sexist, misogynist attacks" on female candidates.

So many things going on here! Does it matter that Christine O'Donnell had a one-night stand three years ago? Does it affect her ability to govern? Is Gawker's publishing of the story sexual harassment, a public service, or just prurient traffic-generating gossip? If you lived in Delaware, would this affect how you voted?

You tell us: Is Christine O'Donnell's one-night stand relevant to her political race?

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Poll: Does Christine O'Donnell's One-Night Stand Matter?:

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