Why Dudes Don't Tell Their Friends About Cheating

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We may not know why men cheat but maybe we know why they keep it to themselves.

When it comes to letting the infidelity cat out of the bag, a recent survey uncovered that ladies will tell their friends about an affair while dudes are much more likely to keep it to themselves. Per our pals Lemondrop, the bottom line of the study is that 72% of women will absolutely have to tell someone about their affairs whereas only 23% of men need to confess their infidelities.

Before I get into a few "whys" of this fun and incredibly Mars-Venus bent of the survey, I'd like to throw propers to the Lemondrop writer Emerald Catron for using the word "broseph" and a mild frowny face for her use of the word that didn't need to be shortened "rando." Nicely done, Emerald Catron.

1) The obvious answer is that dudes don't like talking about feelings with other dudes unless it's a negligent dad who finally sees the error of his ways... and there's a decent chance that an affair will include feelings. But there's more to it than that because some dudes do have feelings.

2)  Dudes don't like putting their actual buddies in a position like this. If the current season of The Jersey Shore is any indication, even guys who are only friends because they are on a reality show feel uncomfortable when they are privy to some creeping. (Though The Situation is surprisingly OK with it.) 10 Ridiculous Jersey Shore Love Quotes

3) Most dudes, even if they call themselves assholes, like to think of themselves as "pretty good guys." Cheating, by most accounts and rationalizations, isn't that good of a thing and we don't want our boys to think we're an inflamed douche crinkle.

4) Loyalty, even when it's to a man's detriment, is something we all respect. We give each other a hard time if we start cheering for a new team inorganically, can you imagine if we fecked around on our families? Stop snitchin'.

5) A big reason that men have an affair is to enjoy the pleasure of that which is novel. Part of that novelty is keeping the thing to ourselves. The sneaking part keeps it precious (in as much as cheating on your wife can be precious).

6) No one likes a cheater. If your buddy is going to cheat on his wife, what's to stop him from cheating on poker night, fantasy football or credit card rouletteIs Infidelity In Our Genes?

I wonder if someone were to re-conduct this survey and reference gender preference if lesbians and gay dudes would have similar leanings as the rest of their sexes. My guess: probs nots. Why Powerful Men Cheat



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