Did Lady Fake Leukemia For Free Wedding?

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More weird news and scam wedding / cancer fakeroos.

There are a few things that really make people mad when you pretend to have them for preferential behavior: famous friends, unrealistic sexual exploits, combat experience and serious diseases (notice I didn't say orgasms).

Case in point: A woman allegedly faked Leukemia in order to get a dream wedding in New York and honeymoon in Aruba, and boy were people mad when they found out.

According to Times Herald-Record, the woman's husband (now ex-husband) says his old old-lady even had him convinced that she had the Big C (the other Big C, jerks). He wasn't alone. Following a newspaper article, the public outpoured their support by financing their dream wedding plus Caribbean honeymoon. Best Job Ever: Honeymoon Tester-Outer

However, the guy, Michael O'Connell, became suspicious when the gal, Jessica Vega, never became physically worse despite having what he thought was a terminal illness. His suspicions were confirmed when he called the cancer doctor. "Jessica Vega Who?"

BUUUUT the ex-wife has a different story. She, in turn, alleges abuse on his part AND maintains that she is innocent of any fake-outs. The story gets pretty squirrelly from there with a few Roger Clemens-y "misrememberings." You'd think Leukemia or no Leukemia would be pretty easy to settle, right? Cancer-Surviving Single Dad Seeks Love

Doesn't it seem like this would make the plot of a great rom-com? No? What if we got Simon Baker and, I don't know, Jessica Alba? No? Hmm. What if she got pregnant on purpose so that he would marry her? No? What if she figured out a way to pay all of the money back and learned a lesson and made it up to the husband and their community? No? Well fudge my undies, then. No?


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