5 Types Of Flirting Men Love


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Men love flirting just as much as women do. Here, five ways to flirt your way into his heart.

When it comes to sex and dating, much has been written about the simplicity of men and complexity of women. So when it comes to flirting, logic may (incorrectly) tell you men love nothing more then a no-nonsense shoulder tap and head nod to the nearest hotel. Why flirt when you can just get down to business? In reality, men take flirting just as seriously as us gals and love the subtle dance as much as the ladies do. Below we've mapped out a plan that includes five types of flirting men love.

1.) Just say hi. If you don't consider yourself a learned scholar in the school of flirting, no worries. One universal among all men surveyed was how much they love it when a woman takes control and makes the first move. "Just come over and say hi," says Adam. "I really don't need a lot. Smiling works wonders... I don't see how you can go wrong with that tactic, just as long as you open with something friendly and funny."


2.) Don't insult, but tease please. "I love it when a girl rips on me," says Nick. "Be playful, entertaining. You want to keep things upbeat." In other words, no need to impress the tall, dark handsome guy in the corner with your impressive knowledge of Nietzsche (save it for the first date); instead gently poke fun and laugh. Don't act like a ditz, but tease. Men bond with each other this way, so trust us, his feelings won't get hurt.

3.) Listen when they talk. After you've said hello and shared a laugh, engage him in a conversation and listen to what he says. "I hate it when I talk to a girl and I feel like she isn't really listening to anything I say," Brian says. "Almost like she's just pausing and waiting to talk again." A good rule is to ask as many questions as you answer. While you won't earn points intellectually running someone down, trumping your own IQ at the expense of someone else's for instance, it wouldn't hurt to offer some open-minded insight. "I love it when a woman has something interesting to say," Bert says. 

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