Should Women Let Men Cheat?

Should Women Let Men Cheat?

Should Women Let Men Cheat?

This week's LOL tackles whether women should let their men cheat.

This week, I talked about letting your spouse cheat. Once, I thought my husband was cheating, because he was being really nice and doing the dishes and that's when I decided that if he was cheating, it was totally worth it. Maybe every relationship needs a little guilt to remind you both to be nice to one another. But if that was the case, Tiger Woods would be the best husband ever and I think Elin and a nine iron would disagree with that. What do you think? Are open relationships the way of the future? And why do I have Kurt Cobain on my wall anyway?

Here are the links from this week suckers. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Holly Hill tells us, "If you love someone you try to make them happy." [Lemondrop]

Word's of wisdom from a crazy person: "If you have to cheat, you're with the wrong person". [Tomfoolery]

Hill says:"The introduction of sexual exclusivity to marriage was originally intended to ensure inheritances stay within families — given that the modern Will and Testament is more than adequate for this task, monogamy is no longer relevant." Lyz says: "HAVE YOU READ THE BIBLE?" [Glo]

Dr. John Gray gives us insight in to why men actually cheat. [YouTube]

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