How Drinking Saved Our Marriage


Drinking wine brought us closer together. What would we do once I got pregnant?

I don't get out much.

You can tell from the way these sexy legs of mine perfectly match the white background on your computer screen.


Even worse, I don't get out of the bedroom much. Instead, I sit crosslegged on my bed for hours on end—my laptop perched on a tray in front of me—editing content, typing up posts, reading other people's posts, drawing up marketing plans, and connecting with other young entrepreneurs on Twitter.

I don't do morning walks. I don't do evenings at the bar. Sometimes, I don't even do lunch.

At the end of the day, my knees are so stiff I can barely walk. The tradeoff for not wearing a bra (or pants) all day long?

My husband is even worse.

Almost a year ago, we went to a couples therapist. Every week, we covered the same ground. We weren't seeing enough of each other. We weren't spending quality time together. We weren't communicating or sharing new experiences with each other. I Was A Lonely Newlywed...

Naturally, I decided to fix things by working even harder. Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

Early on in our relationship, we had taken a trip to San Francisco, and spent one blissful day in Napa Valley. We'd hopped from winery to winery, sniffing for the scent of grapefruit, swirling glass after glass, and falling in love with Sauvignon Blancs. Wine became a mutual passion of ours, partially because it was delicious, partially because it eased my social anxiety, and partially because it was possible to get completely wasted on the stuff and still look classy holding the delicate stemware during social gatherings. As long as you weren't double fisting.

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