9 Traits Of Irresistible Women


pretty woman looking seductively at the camera
One man shares the traits that make a woman irresistible and keeps men calling, date after date.

Women know what they want, they just don't know always how to tell us men. One thing women as a rule do not want is this guy: Jack McJerkface. While irresistible women will likely still attract the McJerks, she'll also attract the Mr. Perfects.

There's a lot of conflicting dating and pickup advice out there: play hard to get, don't play hard to get, be yourself, be a sports fan, be sexy but still down to earth, the list goes on. Here I've compiled 7 traits any straight man undoubtedly finds irresistible. 3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy


So, do one or all of these things to get our attention... and then keep us calling you for date after date.

1. She's Funny. One of the easiest (and surprisingly least-practiced) methods of convincing us we made the right choice in talking to you is when you respond to our jokes instead of simply laughing at them. If you're heehawing at our wisecracks, wonderful—just make sure you don't leave a dead silence at the end of each one or we're going to think you're expecting a stand-up routine. We want a woman who's our conversation partner—not just an adoring fan.

2. She's Somewhere Between Aloof And Instantly In Love. As the law of supply and demand goes, we want to crave your attention before we get it. Once we have it, though, it's nice to be reminded that you only have eyes for us.

3. She's Fashionable—But Not Obsessively. If you spend most of your time and energy on clothes and shoes, we may suspect you are a bit superficial. Can we not sit around in our underwear once in a while if we're feeling depressed? (OK, a very rare "once in a while," fine.) We like a woman who minds her appearance but who also knows that being attractive is more about confidence than owning Manolos. Surprise: Men Primp As Much As Women Do

4. She's Healthy—But Not Obsessively. Obviously men dig a woman with a kickin' body, but not if it means she spends more time in the gym than she does with us. Likewise, we'll forgive you for eating a salad on a first date but not every date for the rest of our lives. Remember, men like curves and women who can bench-press us are somewhat frightening.

5. She's Down To Earth. The type of attention a drama queen demands from men is not the sort of genuine, will-love-you-forever attention women deserve. We like a woman who forgives the occasional stupid move. If we say the wrong thing in a casual conversation and it wasn't racist or an otherwise idiotic remark, she remembers that, as humans, we are going to disagree with at least 25 percent of everything anybody says, and so, she lets it go. Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

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