Sex Toy Home Party Fun


As we have stated before, we love to brag about our
parties!! We know we have awesome consultants and we like to let the
world know just how good we are.  We always have fun at our Parties. 
From Penis Ring Toss, to pass the Penis to Penis Molding!! That’s right
Penis Molding! One of our latest parties had some of the best molds we
have ever seen. ;)

Besides having some great molds we got incredible feedback
from the party hostess.
” The girls had a wonderful time,
thank you very much.  If/when we do this again, I will absolutely be
contacting Spicy Home Parties.  It was the best Home Party I have ever
been to.  Our Rep was Fabulous! She was classy and professional and
really knew her stuff.  By far, hands down the best Party I have ever
been to.  We actually have already started planning another party. “

See the Molds below…which one do you think is the best?

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