How To Flirt With Someone You Just Met

woman and man flirting in a bar


Seven expert flirting tips for single women: how to flirt with a guy you just met.

Eyeing the cutie across the room? Learn how to flirt with confidence! You don't need to know someone to flirt up a storm. Chat him up and make your intentions clear with this advice on flirting with someone you just met.

1. Adjust your body language. All those witty one-liners won't get you far if your body language doesn't follow suit. Make sure the object of your flirtation can tell that your focus is on him: if you're standing, point your feet towards him, not towards the door like you're getting ready to run out. Sitting? Cross your legs towards him to create a more intimate, one-on-one vibe, especially if you're at a bar or another crowded space.

2. Smile. That smoldering, bedroom eyes look you're flashing him is sexier in your head—to him, you likely just look angry and unapproachable. So flash him a grin instead. Flirting Tips From A Female Pickup Artist

3. Be a copy-cat. Mirroring—subtly copying his body language, gestures, and facial expressions—can go a long way in creating comfort and intimacy when you've just met someone. Is he leaning over the table with one arm? Crossing his legs? Do the same in a low-key way—this isn't a synchronized event—and you'll suddenly feel more familiar to him.

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