10 Twitter And Facebook Dating Red Flags


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10 red flags when social media flirting becomes Twitter or Facebook dating.

Twitter and Facebook make it easy to "know" someone, but the pseudo-intimacy they provide can cover a host of flaws. Sure, online flirting is fun, but watch out—you don't know everything about him, even if it seems like you do. Here are 10 Twitter and Facebook dating red flags. 21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines

1. He has over 1000 Facebook photos. Of himself.
If your newfound online hottie has over a thousand photos of himself on his profile, chances are he puts the vain back in vainglorious. Especially if the bulk of these photos are uploaded by him, and not part of other friends photo albums. If this guy could tweet honestly, he would type, "Enough about me, what do you think about me?"


2. He only has time to text/tweet/IM you when he is at work, sitting in front of a computer.
Girlfriend, he's just not that into you. Or possibly, he's married. Or both. Regardless, you just aren't that important to him. Nor should he be to you.

3. The only way you can meet him is on his terms.
Are you going out of your way to see him and spending money you don't have, just so he can squeeze you into a vacation he was already taking, which also happens to be close to where you live? This is not how the man who actually deserves you would propose your first face-to-face meeting.

4. On Twitter, he follows more people than follow him. Significantly.
If your man is following over a hundred people who aren't following him back, it's a problem. Especially if the bulk of the people he follows are women. Who can keep up with over a thousand people's tweets anyway? Twitter man-whores, that's who.

5. He has ever tweeted or updated his status with something like this:

I appreciate being called hot, girls in car, but must you loudly honk, too? Honks are annoying. #lol.

Nothing screams insecurity like needing to tell the world about a cat-call. And then to complain about it to boot? You don't need this egomaniac with an inferiority complex in your life. There are enough of those at the local bar. And you don't have to go out of your way (see #3) to meet them.

6. He tells you one thing via chat, but his Facebook profile and Twitter stream say another.
It's pretty bad if you can't even keep up with your lies on your social media profiles—it's not like you have to remember what you said to whom. You just have to go back and read. Denial is sad and painful to watch. So don't.

7. He wants sexy photos of you but doesn't send you any of him.
Sending him a sexy photo is great foreplay. But when that photo is reciprocated with nothing more than a text assuring you he's not, ahem, small, you have to wonder. Let him go...and hope your pic doesn't end up on the internet.

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