10 Biggest Celebrity Divorces Of 2010


Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes divorce
It's been quite a year for celebrity divorce. Here are the biggest divorce stories of 2010.

2010 was the year of the celebrity divorce. Some were shocking (hello Al and Tipper!) some we saw coming (Elin, finally!) and at least one was fake (Speidi, y'all are something else). But the main thing that stands out about celebrity divorce this year was that there was just so much of it that we felt we had to document it with a list. So with that, we present you the 10 biggest celebrity divorces of 2010.

10. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. Tiger's cheating scandal was one of the biggest stories of 2009, but the fallout continued well into 2010. When the mistresses just kept coming and Tiger's sexts were published, the long-suffering Elin—who had previously tried to repair the marriage—finally had enough. The giant mess ended in August, when the couple's divorce was made final. Tiger Woods Divorce Details


9. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Taking a page from Tiger's playbook for dummies, Tony left a long trail of sexts back to Erin Barry, a former teammate's wife. Although Tony denied having a physical relationship with Erin, Eva filed for divorce. Taking the low road, Tony quickly counter-sued Eva and then sent a bunch of sexts to 19-year-old model Sophia Egeler.

8. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman. In October, just a month shy of her fifth wedding anniversary, Christina filed for divorce from her husband and father of her two-year-old son, Max. Rumor has it that Xtina's roaming bi eye are what caused the split and, according to some reports, she's already hooking up with Lindsay Lohan's ex, Samantha Ronson. Christina Aguilera: 'Horny As A College Freshman'

7. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. After his violent Christmas Day 2009 attack on Brooke, Charlie managed to patch things up with the wife in early 2010, as the two both checked into rehab and seemed committed to mending their marriage. But when Brooke discovered that Charlie was having an affair, she moved out and Charlie continued his downward spiral. Everything came to a head in October, when a drunk, coked-out Charlie trashed his Plaza Hotel room, where he just happened to have a porn star hiding in the closet. Shortly afterward, Charlie officially filed for divorce.

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